Son took his mother’s hand when the favorite song started playing – now watch the dance that conquered the Internet by storm

Most of us have sleep problems at one point in life but how we deal with them is the really important thing. Some people read, others listen to music, and others take pills if things are very difficult.

But one mother and her son have a much better way to beat insomnia and they make millions of people joyful with it.

Lance began dancing with his mother Lucy from the moment he started walking, and she definitely passed her dance to him.

So when Lucy said one night that she wasn’t tired, Lance knew exactly what to do to help her sleep.

Megan Traynor’s son “Dear Husband” began to play, and Lance, now a husband with two children, was ready to take his sweetheart mother in his hand and start dancing.

The two danced admirably together and Lance’s daughter cheered from the side while the rest of the family was filming the cute moment.

Not only do they dance wonderfully, but their facial expressions are so entertaining themselves.

Midway through the song, Lucy turns to the camera and says that’s what happend to people who can’t fall asleep in Louisiana.

Within minutes after the video went online, it was viewed millions of times and shared by tens of thousands of people.It is clear that Lucy is happy to dance with her son and Lance is happy to collaborate with her.

The end of the dance, Lucy says something that makes the whole family tear up with laughter and Lance finishes on the floor as he can’t stop the laughter. These two are so much fun together!

Watch the sweet moment of mom and son in the video below:

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